Sales Engineering Process

Sales Engineering

Sales Engineering Process:

Sales Engineering is all about professionally integrating relevant sales building blocks to suit to your business needs. It is the engineering of better sales processes. It is intended to design better ways of selling, making salespeople’s efforts more productive.

So, the sales building blocks are as follows:

Sales Engineering

  • Leads Contacts
  • prospects
  • Opportunity
  • Forecast
  • Pipeline
  • Business (Purchase order)
  • Customer feedback

The Global symbol for sales is Sales Funnel.

In B2B Business  relationship (Client, Partner Relationship, Employee Relationship) is the key element where we get biz from clients.

On the other side the core element of B2C is marketing of products or services.

The difference between product and services after delivery of product or services:

Product is a physical quantifiable material transfer done to the customer with product information, warranty information with consideration. Customer satisfaction is reliable in both the cases. Product will have a time of delivery.

To have an effective sales process there are sales tools used by sales person is:

  • Sales force
  • Microsoft dynamics
  • Zoho
  • Sugar CRM

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